We have some fantastic Summer Living & Entertaining Tips From Rennie Williamson at Tonic Interiors ๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ‘Œ

Summer can often make your house overheat so I recommend having all your windows open and have the curtains closed where the direct sun is coming in. Not only will this help to reduce the heat it will also help protect your furniture from the harsh New Zealand sun.

I recommend using natural fabrics or bedding like cotton sheets and linen duvet covers in the summer because they are very breathable.

Summer is a great time to declutter. Donate or sell anything that doesn’t get used, looks ugly, or makes the space look small. Often less is more. It will make your spaces look more open and airy which is great for summer and you’ll fit more people into your home when hosting.ย  Try using multifunctional furnishings with a summer vibe like gorgeous functional poufs.

Summer is the time for flora and fauna. Not only do they add a pop of colour,ย  make the space feel more luxurious, but they also make you feel fantastic! There is lots of science behind having more greenery in the home to make you feel happier because you are closer to nature. I recommend having a look on Pinterest for great flower arrangement styles to suit your vasesย and planters. A great trick is to try and create a shape with the flora and fauna like a half-circle or a triangle because it creates the most interest.

Gone are the days of traditional meals. Grazing tables are the new in thing!ย  The trick to having a successful grazing table is having height variation. use different sized bowls, chopping boards, cake stands, cheese boards, and bread baskets or boxes. Have more height at the back so it’s easier to get to if the table is backed onto a wall. Once you have put all your food on flora and fauna can look fantastic as fillers – just make sure they aren’t poisonous! If you want the table to look more festive, pop some little Christmas ornaments in along with gingerbread men, candles, and fairy lights around the edges.

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